Lexington, SC (WLTX) - The Hite family in Lexington has worked to get their neighbors in the Christmas spirit for the past nine years.

They do so by putting on a mega Christmas light show, where their lights sync up with music.

"It took me about a year, year and a half to actually plan my first year and then from then on it's just keep adding adding and adding," says Jerry Hite, who designed the show.

In the first year, they used 5,800 lights, but his year, there are more than 97,000 lights around their home. Despite what some may think, their electric bill isn't high.

"I got each controller set up to only 50 percent," says Hite. "So, it's not even at full power and all of the lights themselves, I have them dimmed even lower. So the actual power bill is only $40."

The 35-minute show goes until New Years Day and runs continuously from 6-10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 6-11 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Drivers just have to show up to the Hite home and set their radios to 90.3 fm.

The Hites say their neighbors support their show, because it's all for a good cause. That's the Make a Wish Foundation.

"Make a wish helps wishes come true with life threatening diseases and it's just been very great to participate in that," says Marcy Hite.

The Hites have been donating to the charity for years, even before adding a donation box to their light show.

Over the past eight years, they've raised more than $17,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation. Their goal this year is to raise $5,000.

Those donations aren't just from the people in their neighborhood.

"They've got people coming from the coast, Augusta, all over the state coming just to watch it," says Dillon Hite.

Their reach even expands overseas thanks to their Facebook page, but ultimately they just want people to enjoy the holiday season.

"Come here, enjoy the show and just create a family memory."

It takes nearly a year to create the show. Jerry Hite says he's already thinking of ideas for next year.