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City of Columbia hands out PPE, cleaning supplies to businesses

Over 200 businesses have taken the Resilient Columbia pledge to help stop the spread of COVID-19

COLUMBIA, S.C. — As part of Columbia's Resilient Columbia initiative, business owners received cleaning supplies and PPE on Wednesday. 

The City of Columbia initiative is meant to help businesses thrive while fighting the coronavirus.

Over 200 businesses have taken the pledge, vowing to keep their customers and employees safe.

Landry Phillips owns the newly opened Regal Lounge barbershop. As a close contact business, he says taking the pledge was the right thing to do.

“We took the Resilient Columbia pledge to be one of the businesses to be committed to providing a safe environment for customers and employees. Today we picked up some safety materials from the City of Columbia, some disinfectant spray and other items.”

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The pledge highlights what area businesses are doing to stop the spread of the virus. 

Director of the Office of Business Opportunities, Melissa Lindler, says Resilient Columbia is all about unity. 

“We’re resilient. Our business owners are resilient and its going to take all of us to rebuild our local economy and we want to make sure we support them through this process.”

If a business would like to take the pledge, it’s not too late.

Lindler says, “we urge [businesses] to take the pledge. And we will still provide those materials to them to show they’re a part of this effort.”

While businesses pick up PPE and cleaning supplies, the City of Columbia is considering an ordinance that would require face masks in public.

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A decision has not been made regarding face masks, but pledge takers say they’ll support the city’s choice.

“I think whatever serves the safety of the people better. And whatever they decide, we’ll follow.” Jesse Broome says. And Jennifer Bolling agrees, “the common goal is to keep everyone safe.”

Broome and Bolling both work at hotels downtown.

Broome says, “we just think it’s important for our guests to have confidence that they’re coming into a clean and safe environment. And not only that but our employees.”

All businesses that have taken the pledge will have a sign hanging on their walls or windows.

Take the Resilient Columbia pledge by clicking here.