CLEMSON, S.C. — Clemson University has made the decision to close the university pool.

The college's swimming team announced the decision on its Facebook page along with a petition.

The post says the school made the decision in order to complete a safety and feasibility study. The university says the results of the study will determine whether or not they reopen the pool.

The swim team is now asking students, alumni and the public to support the future of the pool by signing an online petition.

They say the Fike Recreation Center poo is used by: Club Swimming, Club Water Polo, Club Triathlon, Scuba classes, Kayaking classes, Intramurals, CAT, Clemson LIFE, CPR and Lifeguard Certification courses, Aquatic Fitness classes, local diving club, ROTC Training, Physical Therapy, Tiger Shark Swim Lessons, and the hundreds of other students and faculty who use the pool for general fitness. 

"What we (Clemson University students) want out of our administration: If and when Clemson closes its pool on July 31st, that would make Clemson the only ACC and major school in the country to not have a pool for student’s use," the post says. "Clemson University should wait to close the Fike Recreation pool until there are definite plans in place to fix or build a new and improved pool for students to use. Any current fixes should be made to the pool in order to keep it functional until there are plans to build a new pool. "

In addition to the petition, a GoFundMe has been set up to help the swim team to find a new pool space in case they do not reopen the current space.