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College students say they're hitting the books this Labor Day Weekend

South Carolina State students say this holiday weekend is all about hitting the books now that they're back on campus.

ORANGEBURG, S.C. — South Carolina State University students talk about what they hope they will be doing this holiday weekend. 

Many are saying it's time for family and catching up on studying.  

"Labor Day weekend, I'm going to make sure I get caught up on my schoolwork," said LaDarius Jefferson, a senior at the school. 

"I'm just going to watch tv and catch up on some schoolwork," said Reagan Harris a freshman.  

"I'm mostly going to catch up on schoolwork, get some stuff out the way, and plan for the semester," said Cassandra Altenor a sophomore. 

Students say this Labor Day weekend is all about hitting the books now that they're back on campus.

"On regular days, you only get the weekdays and the weekends to make sure you get all of your work done and study," explained Altenor. "That extra day is a big help because then you don't have to cram everything in two days."

"Professors are getting ready to start buckling down and getting acclimated of giving us schoolwork as they use to before the pandemic," said Jefferson. "It's best that you're all caught up and get ahead of the game."

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Classes started for South Carolina State on August 20th. 

But the bulldogs who spoke said it won't be all work and no play during the three-day weekend. A few students plan to spend time with their families during the holiday.

"I've been in college for a long time, and I haven't seen my family," said Harris. "It will be a lot better since I haven't seen them in a while."

"I'll be going to the beach with family and having cookouts like we do every Labor Day," expressed Altenor.

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