Columbia, SC (WLTX) - In a time where protests have turned violent close to home and around the nation groups of people have gathered for peace.

"Today is the International Day of Peace."

First established by the United Nations in 1981, the International Day of Peace is still as vital now as it was decades ago.

That's why the president of the Carolina Peace Resource Center, David Matos, wanted to make sure people gathered to share goodwill for their neighbor.

"We have violence here at home and we could use peace at home as well,” says Matos. “The important thing to know is that everybody can contribute to making it a more peaceful world. We have all of these problems, but people can do a little bit about these problems."

Matos, along with a dozen other people met at the fountain in Five Points, lighting candles and braving the wind and rain to stand for peace.

"We are a very much a nation of unrest,” says Stephanie Palmer-Smith. “We need to let our light shine through even though it's raining and blowing."

"The most important thing for you to do is find the people that want to make a difference and work with them,” says Matos.

Matos hopes their presence can encourage others.

"Without justice, there's no peace.”