Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Comedian Steve Brown was attacked on Sunday night during his performance at the Comedy House in Columbia.

An incident report from the Richland County Sheriff's Department says officers were called to the location off Decker Boulevard in reference to a fight in progress.

Brown says during his act, he noticed the suspect staring into space. He asked the suspect if he was ok, and the suspect replied "Don't f--- with me, man."

"I noticed he had like this really crazy look on his face, like he was in deep thought or like he was just mad about something," Brown recalls. "So I asked him what was wrong, I said my man you ok? and he just started mumbling and going crazy and I just said dude its not that serious you cool?"

He said the man in the crowd then hit a woman who he was sitting with who was trying to calm him down, Brown says. He then came onstage.

A video shows Brown and the suspect on stage in fighting position, where the suspect then grabs the mic stand and swings it at Brown. The suspect also threw a stool at Brown, after which bystanders jumped on stage and attempted to break it up.

VIDEO: Cell phone video shows attack at Comedy House

"I was trying to protect myself and not try to harm him," Brown says. "It was pretty much a defensive fighting technique where i was just going to let him wear himself out and try to stay away from him."

"When he actually starting charging me, I thought about getting home to my family, because I didn't know what he had, Brown said."

The video shows the assailant leaving, but then come back in and attempt to approach the stage a second time. The suspect then turned around and left for good.

The incident report said the suspect left the Comedy House in a gold Kia, SC tag PAU 679, and that security said they followed the vehicle, but were told by deputies to break off the pursuit.

So far, there have been no announced arrests in the case.

Brown says he later went to the ER to have his injuries checked. There were two additional victims with injuries reported. A video he posted on social media showed a large gash on his arm.

Brown says he did not believe there was adequate security to protect him on stage. He also says his pay was docked by the owner as a result of the incident.

News19 has reached out a statement from the Comedy House, but has not heard back yet. We will update this article with any additional information.