Greenville, SC (WLTX) A small group of protestors are trying to make a big statement at the NCAA tournament games being played in Greenville, SC. They are flying a large Confederate flag from the top of a parking garage next to the Bon Secours Wellness Arena.

The group says they plan to stay throughout the games so that fans will see the flag that is flying from the back of a pick up truck. The NCAA lifted its ban against South Carolina holding tournaments and Championship games back in 2015, after the Confederate Flag was removed from the South Carolina Statehouse Grounds, after Dylan Roof massacred nine black parishioners in the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. Roof was sentenced to death for his actions 2016.

Hunter Meadows of Blue Ridge says, "I didn't feel it was right when the flag came down," Meadows says his ancestors fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. He says, "We wanted to show the NCAA that we're still here." He also says that every person who flies the confederate flag, should not be blamed or associated with what Dylan Roof did.

Greenville police did make the group move about 50 feet away from they original location. They say the wanted to make sure if the flag tipped over, that it wouldn't hurt anyone.

Sunday at the arena, North Carolina plays Arkansas at 6:10pm and University of South Carolina plays Duke at 8:40pm.