Sumter, SC (WLTX) -- Sumter firefighters continue to knock down hot spots, after a massive fire at a warehouse, which stored carpet fires and plastic.

Ruby Penaloza was woken up at 4 am on Friday to her son, running into her bedroom.

"We got up and the building was in flames," she said.

Penaloza lives across the street from the unmanned warehouse.

"The fact of the matter is the fire was 80 percent involved when we got here," said Joey Duggan with the Sumter Fire Department.

The fire caused nearly $2 million worth of damage, and it's left people nearby concerned about breathing in the smoke.

"There was so much smoke, you could hardly breathe. The only thing you were smelling was plastic and so much chemicals and stuff in the air," said Jauan Cabbagestalk.

Cabbagestalk said he was also concerned about the health of the people who live near the fire.

"If I could smell it from not even a mile away, I can't imagine the people that lived close by," he said.

But Duggan said there is no threat to those that live around the area.

"There is really no issue as far as that goes. The only thing we recommended this morning was that if they had any issues with breathing problems, they should shelter inside their home," he said.

Although the smoke could be seen miles away, Duggan said the direction of the wind helped in their favor.

"As far as the smoke, it just lifted and rose. The wind was blowing for us, so we had that in our favor," he said.

No one was injured during the fire, and the cause is still unknown.