Forest Acres, SC (WLTX) - A newly-released dash-cam video shows a Forest Acres police officer firing several shots at a suspect during a confrontation late last month.

The video was released by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division following a Freedom of Information Act request by several media agencies.

Forest Acres Police Chief Gene Sealy identified the officer-involved as Officer Robert Cooper, who's been with his agency for six years.

Back on May 19, Cooper responded to a noise complaint on Brentwood Court around 1:45 a.m.. The video does not capture all of what led up to the incident, but shows the final moments before shots were fired, and roughly an hour what the officer recorded afterward.

"Stop, Stop!" the officer can be heard screaming multiple times at the suspect before the shots were fired."Don't make me shoot you!"

The suspect's car is parked near a trash can, and the officer is standing outside his patrol car, with a narrow path between his car and the trash can. Despite the warnings, the suspect begins to start driving, and the officer yells again for him to stop, then fires at the driver's side as the car goes by.

The officer then gets in his vehicle and begins to pursue the suspect, but is told a few minutes later by a dispatcher to return to the scene of the shooting.

The suspect's car later crashed at the South Carolina Federal Credit Union at 4503 Forest Drive. It was later determined that the driver was hit by one of the shots and was taken to the hospital. Cooper received no injuries.

Minutes after the shooting, another officer arrives and begins talking with Cooper, who says he's trying to gather himself, at one point saying he felt "nauseous."

"I don't think I did anything wrong," the officer can be heard saying. "I did everything I could trying to give commands, how many times. I even tried to jump out of the way before..and I barely made it. I barely made it."

SLED says their investigation into the incident continues. Cooper remains on paid administrative leave.