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Testimony continues in trial of man accused of killing 11-year-old Tashya Jay

Quayshaun Xzander Clark is charged with murder in the shooting death of 11-year-old Tashya Jay in June 2021.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Day two of Quayshaun Clark's trial began Thursday with a witness who said he saw Clark holding a gun moments before a gunfight broke out that night. 

Prosecutors say Clark was the one who fired shots into a house where Tashya Jay was staying the night. Clark's defense has maintained he is not guilty and acted in self-defense from what they called a conflict between several parties.

While prosecutors attempted to establish Clark was there the night, defense attorneys questioned the witness on how intoxicated he was that night. 

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Prosecutors later called an employee of Palmetto State Armory, where, according to testimony, Clark purchased an AK-47 pistol in March 2020.

“An AK-47 is a general term that defines the, basically the action of the firearm, the different components," said Lexington County Sergeant Joe Hart. "The key on this particular model, it is a pistol. An AK 47 traditionally is a rifle, but there are many different variations."

Afterward, several investigators took the stand, including one that testified on what type of bullet struck and killed Jay.

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"In my professional capacity with the Sheriff’s Department and my professional capacity of four years of Marine Corps infantry, I recognized it to be consistent with a .762 caliber handgun.”

Jurors have mostly seen picture evidence from prosecutors, but that changed when they played security camera footage from a nearby neighbor the night of the shooting.

One investigator testified that about 48 gunshots could be heard in the video. However, the defense question the detective on whether all of the noises were gunshots. 

A forensic pathologist and several investigators were later called to the stand. Testimony will continue Friday morning. 

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