Columbia, SC (WLTX) - At first glance it may not look like much is happening inside the BullStreet project within the City of Columbia, but the developer said he's ahead of schedule.

"From our standards we're ahead of schedule and we're really excited about where we are."

Robert Hughes is the project manager for the BullStreet development in Columbia. He said he understands that when looking from the outside in, it may not seem like a lot has been done, but he also said they've accomplished a lot.

"BullStreet, we've said from the beginning is a 20 year project. We're less than three years in and we already have 110 acres either under development, under contract or sold, which is 60 percent in less than three years," he said.

Aside from Spirit Communications Park and a few other businesses, we asked why retailers, restaurants, and other establishments haven't been announced.

"A lot of businesses don't like to announce their plans until they are set on timeline and they're set on their schedules. (It's) for a whole host of reasons, for competitive reasons. We've got a residential developer who is under construction, not out in the press because he purely doesn't want his competitors knowing what he is going to do," he said.

The newest addition will be Downtown Church. The group will be moving from their location at 701 Whaley to the old Central Energy facility that sits on Calhoun Street.

The Pastors were unavailable because of Ash Wednesday services, but sent us a statement saying,"Being part of an historical, yet revitalized community of downtown Columbia is a good fit for us. We are interested in the success of the development and we don't mind being one of the first."

Hughes Development Corporation is donating the building and since it is a church they'll will not pay property taxes to the city.

And although he couldn't give specific details, Hughes said more will be announced in the next six months.

"We're working with a restaurant group that plans to be open within the next six moths," said Hughes.

The church hopes to move into the building by the end of the year.