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Element TV Brings Hundreds of Jobs to Struggling County

Element TV is creating a boost for the local economy and creating jobs in Fairfield County.

Fairfield County, SC (WLTX) – A new company that makes TVs is creating more than 400 jobs in a struggling Midlands county.

"We are making 32 inch TV's and 40 inch TVs," said Jim Etter with Element TV.

The work these hands are doing will lead to more than just changing channels. It's changing the lives of some who were unemployed.

"Right now we have 150 employees," said Etter."About 85% of them are from the Winnsboro area, which is tremendous."

Tremendous because this time last year the county had one of the highest unemployment rates in our state and several major companies left the area.

Etter says they have assembled more than 10,000 televisions since opening in March.

"Fairfield County as well as some of the other rural counties have been hurt and this is a shot in the arm for Fairfield County and its an indication of bringing small businesses back in the community and build up all the counties that are underemployed."

Apply Online: http://www.elementelectronics.com/careers/

Element is a newcomer to the TV industry but they are already supplying televisions to some large stores.

"We got Wal-Mart, Sam's, Target."

Etter who has lived in the Palmetto State for close to ten years says he is happy they are bringing jobs to South Carolina.

"These have been assembled in the United States, that's our logo that we have created and that's a major thrust for us."

The unemployment picture has improved in the county, from 12% last year to 7% now.

Etter says they are adding a fourth assembly line in May creating 200 jobs.

"And by the end of the year we expect to be at about 300 people. It's exciting to be involved in a project like this, because I just see the benefits not only in the lives of these people but in small businesses as well."

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