Former Columbia police chief Randy Scott is facing additional charges after authorities say they found him to have agency-issued weapons, which he failed to return upon his resignation.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott and Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook announced the charges Thursday morning.

Scott was first arrested on Tuesday, July 17, 2018, following a search at his residence for a wanted fugitive. During the search, investigators say they found several weapons and a gun lock box in his home.

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Investigators say they learned Scott had failed to return a 40 mm Glock pistol and gun lock box issued to him by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department after his resignation in July 2016.

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Scott was also found to have a 9 mm pistol belonging to the Columbia Police Department, which he failed to return after he resigned in May 2013, authorities say.

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Officials say Lisa Grazioli, a former Richland County Sheriff’s deputy, has also has been charged with Breach of Trust for a shot gun found in Scott’s residence. Investigators say they learned Grazioli failed to return the shot gun belonging to the sheriff’s department. Grazioli, who lives in Scott’s home, resigned from the sheriff’s department in March 2017, according to authorities.

Scott and Grazioli turned themselves in Thursday.