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Cayce police release additional documents on Faye Swetlik killing, closes case

In a recorded statement from the department, Chief Byron Snellgrove provides more insight into the investigation and how they came to their conclusion.

CAYCE, S.C. — The Cayce Department of Public Safety has closed their investigation on the death of Faye Swetlik, at the same time releasing additional documents that were requested by media outlets about the case. 

Swetlik was a six-year-old first grader at Springdale Elementary.

Faye had a bright personality and was also big on complimenting people. She wouldn't mind going up to people she didn't know and tell them she liked what color they were wearing or she liked their hair.

The six-year-old also never wanted people to be sad. She made every effort to make sure the people around her were happy.

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On February 10th, 2020, she was last seen playing in front of her home in the Churchill Heights Neighborhood and went missing.

After what law enforcement describes as one of the largest searches of its kind in South Carolina, the little girl's body was found three days later in a wooded area nearby the neighborhood.

Around the same time, a neighbor was found nearby who committed suicide. It was determined by the Cayce Department of Public Safety this person was responsible for Faye's death.

In a recorded statement, Cayce Department of Public Safety Director Byron Snellgrove provided more insight into the suspect's behavior in the hours before his death and the discovery of Faye's body.

"You will see a light in the woods early in the morning of February 13th. This occurred approximately 1 am. You will then see a series of videos showing (the suspect) walking towards Wal-Mart, purchasing potting soil, fertilizer and other supplies and then catching a ride share and returning to the Churchill Heights Neighborhood," said Chief Snellgrove. "I ask that you make note of the clothes that he is wearing, particularly the hooded dark long-sleeve top."

Chief Snellgrove went onto say in the recorded video, "At 7:24 am in that video, you will see a dark hooded figure coming from the area of (the suspect's) apartment. It's zoomed in. You will see him carrying a bag with what looks to be potting soil and fertilizer that was purchased from Walmart. You will see this person dump the bag into an area and onto an area on the edge of the woods and had spread it out and then walked back to the director of the apartments."

WLTX was unable to ask questions to the chief in person.

In the statement Chief Snellgrove said evidence from a trash can, including freshly dug dirt and a boot believed to be Faye's, led him to look in the wooded area where he later discovered Faye's body.

The department believes the suspect acted alone in this case.

The investigative summary of the case does not indicate the suspect's motive.

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The community continues to heal following the loss of this little girl. People have come together and helped dedicate new benches and playground equipment in honor of Faye's memory.

Today, you can see colorful rocks placed around the community, reminding folks of Faye's bright personality.

Cheif Snellgrove added, "Although the outcome of this case is not what we wanted, I'm at peace knowing we did absolutely everything that we could have done to locate and bring Faye Swetlik home safely."

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