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Attorneys Henry Daniels, Ben Crump set to announce federal lawsuit after video goes viral in Greensboro

Attorneys Harry Daniels, Ben Crump, and Jason Keith announced the filing of a federal lawsuit against the case where a little boy was assaulted.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Attorneys representing the Greensboro boy who was assaulted by a woman at a pool are set to announce the filing of a federal lawsuit Tuesday.

The family is suing for discrimination, assault, and emotional distress. They want this case to go to trial and the jury to decide how much money they should get.

You may remember the story from Aug. 3 when 11-year-old Jace Lee-Eury was assaulted by 62-year-old Kimberly Jennings at the Sedgefield Gardens apartment complex, which attorneys said was a humiliating experience for Lee-Eury.  

The family claims before the video Jennings slapped and pulled their 8-year-old daughter Jaella's hair.

"I'm just hurt and offended at the way my daughter and son were treated. As a child and a mother, I shouldn't have to see that. They should've had to be through that," mother Joelle Lee-Eury said.

Following the incident, Jennings was arrested and charged with two counts of simple assault. After the lawsuit, her lawyer released a statement urging people to pause before making any conclusions. 

Jennings, the manager at Sedgefield Gardens, has since been arrested and charged with assaulting a child under 12 years old.

 Even with an arrest, the kid's mother said it was not enough. 

"It's hurtful that she seems to not care, and that there were barely any repercussions for her actions," Lee-Eury said.

The video went viral when it was released online, prompting a national response. 

In the video, you can see Jennings pouring soda over Lee-Eury before hitting him twice in the face.

Renowned national civil rights attorneys Harry Daniels and Ben Crump as well as Greensboro attorney Jason Keith will join Lee-Eury's sister and parents as they announce the filing of a federal lawsuit against Jennings, the Sedgefield Gardens, and Sedgefield Realty Company, LLC on Aug.15 at 1:00 PM in front of the courthouse on West Market Street. 

Jennings, the manager at Sedgefield Gardens, has since been arrested and charged with assaulting a child under 12 years old.

Statement from Jennings's lawyer: 

Rashad Moore, Esq., of Moore Law Group, PLLC has accepted Ms. Kimberly Jennings as a client regarding the pending district court criminal matters in Guilford County, North Carolina. Recently, Ms. Jennings made headlines with her involvement in the August 3, 2023, incident at the Sedgefield Garden Apartments located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

One video, in particular, has been circulated throughout social media on several different platforms. On behalf of Ms. Jennings, Moore Law Group would like to remind the community that Ms. Jennings is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Ms. Jennings is entitled to this presumption, just as every defendant charged criminally in this country.

We fully expect Ms. Jennings to be granted her day in court, in front of an impartial judge, whereas the entire facts and circumstances detailing this case will come to the forefront. It is not our intention to try this case within the media or the “court of public opinion.”

Lastly, Ms. Jennings, being a caretaker for her elderly mother, would humbly ask that the community give her the space needed to care for her mother and earn a living.                           


M. Rashad Moore, Esq.

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