Hampton County, SC (WLTX) - At some point in our lives, we go out and look for the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Sometimes it's not just about the people, but the places that bring a deeper meaning to love.

When you're looking too hard for love, you'll go right past it. The same could be said about Valentine, SC.

Along Highway 321 in Hampton County in South Carolina, you'll come across the town of Luray. Down that stretch or road, all you'll see is small town communities and a long railroad.

On a side county road in Luray, you'll come across a small piece of land lost in time called Valentine.

One of the only people who remember this spot is Miss Mary Eleanor Bowers.

"We’re trying to hold on to what little bit of what history we have left. I think it’s so sad that we’re losing some of our history in the states," said Eleanor Bowers.

There's no markers. Only trees and an old church that stands where Valentine once stood.

While it may just look like fields and nature, it was much more back in its day.

"It wasn't a town. It was a stop on the railroad between Lena and Allendale. It went through Fairfax. The Southern Railway went on through," explained Eleanor Bowers.

But what makes this area so special is how she met her Valentine in the town of Estill and Luray right next door.

"We went to school together. He and I married in 1949. We’ve lived here ever since. We built the house here in 1952," said Eleanor Bowers.

Each year on Valentine’s Day, she can’t help but remember the fond times her and husband used to share along this road in Valentine.

"My husband always planted a little sugar cane. They would bring the ole’ mule where they made the syrup and we go round and round to make the syrup at Valentine and that’s something that would happen every year," explained Eleanor Bowers.

Although it may just look like open fields and trees, it’s a love for Valentine that will never be forgotten in the heart of Miss Bowers.