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Firework Safety to Ring in the New Year

Here are a few tips that can help you and your family be safe using fireworks.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - With fireworks being a big part of the New Year celebration, News 19 talked with a Columbia firework shop about being safe while lighting up the sky.

It's the bright colors in the sky we all end and start our year with. It may be fun to watch, but can be dangerous if you don't use them correctly.

The National Fire Protection Association says that, in 2013 ,there were over 15,000 reports of fires caused by fireworks.

Forest Casey with Casey's Fireworks says the store's popping for the holidays.

"I think people use fireworks to kind of celebrate the good and the bad of the previous year right," Casey explained. "We're looking forward to a new thing. There's nothing better than doing it with a giant explosion."

Casey is a fourth-generation family member to be part of the firework store.

Of course, there's sparklers, bottle rockets, firecrackers and the fireworks for the big ending. But, this year, there is something new in stock.

"One type of firework I really didn't even know about is this thing about a gender reveal," Casey said. "You can shoot a firework show and the last thing you shoot can be all blue or all pink."

You can buy all the fireworks your heart wants, but Casey says the most important thing is to keep safety in mind while using them.

"You've got to have proper adult supervision," Casey said. "Keep an eye on your kids. Make sure they're obviously in the right place at the right time. Make sure you've got water with you."

Casey says another key to being safe while shooting fireworks is where you blast them.

"Critical thing with these small fireworks especially is level ground," Casey explained. "You want to make sure they have a brace on each side. Maybe a brick on either side. Some of the small ones we've been hearing can tip over from time to time so it's good if you've got level ground or a brick on either side."

Casey's Fireworks has been on Rosewood Drive since 1949.

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