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Teams from Columbia travelling to help flood victims in Kentucky

Even though their homes are 300 miles away, groups in the Columbia area are banding together to help those impacted by recent floods in Kentucky.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — On July 26, 2022 historic rain fall hit both Kentucky and Missouri. According to the Red Cross, over nine inches of rain fell across the metro area in a matter of six hours. Residents in Kentucky saw homes flood, some even lifting off of their foundations, and massive amounts of mud fill houses.

“My reaction was – ‘not again.”

Sue Harmon is the Operations Manager at South Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief. She says her team sent four volunteers to McDowell Kentucky on Tuesday and she is part of another group heading there on Wednesday.

“The lord been good to us, so we want to be good to others. And these people are in crisis.”

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Harmon says the group will work to assess the area and then aid in the cleanup effort.

“Mud out is the hardest job, but for us it’s the most rewarding because we get to interact more with the homeowners. Our goal is to give them physical help with the cleanup, as well as emotional and spiritual hope that they can move forward.”

The Red Cross is also sending help to hard hit areas. Robert Mann is part of a group that has been in Kentucky since the beginning of the week. Right now, his crew is looking for buildings that can serve as shelters for people who can’t stay at their homes.

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“We’ve seen a lot of homes damaged. You can even see where the mud has almost knocked the home off the foundation. We have met people at various restaurants, fast food places, and everything. Their spirits seem to be good. If I see one smile a day that makes this whole thing worth it.”

If you're interested in helping crews, the Red Cross says you can visit their website to find more information about donating. Harmon says people looking to help her team can visit their website for information, too.

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