Officials at Fort Jackson say the federal government shutdown will not affect the fort's ability to keep its soldiers, civilian and family members safe, or the installation secure.

Fire and emergency services and security operations will continue uninterrupted, and the gates will remain open, according to public affairs officer Pat Jones.

Officials say there are several things soldiers and employees should know as they continue to analyze how the shutdown will affect Fort Jackson:

  • All active duty personnel will report to work as usual.
  • All civilians should report for duty as they normally would. At that time, they will be informed if the furlough affects them.
  • Child and Youth Services operations will continue.
  • Fort Jackson DODEA (elementary) schools are on normal schedule.
  • Dining facilities will remain open.
  • Gyms will remain open.
  • Healthcare services remain unchanged and open to DoD eligible beneficiaries.
  • All leave is canceled for civilian employees.
  • Almost all government travel will be delayed, canceled or cut short.
  • As of right now, the commissary will remain open until close of business Wednesday at which time it will close. NOTE: They will also be open on Monday, which is a change from normal operating hours.
  • The PX, gas stations, Shopettes (convenience stores), movie theater and outdoor recreation services will stay open.

Officials say they will continue to provide updates as the full effects of the shutdown are realized.