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Fort Jackson personnel forbidden to visit certain places in the Midlands

A Facebook post by the Provost Marshal of the base outlines the venues and apartment complexes that are off limits.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Certain places in the Midlands are now off limits for Fort Jackson personnel.

All this according to a Facebook post by the world's largest army training facility.  

The post on the Fort Jackson Provost Marshal's office page, says they, "would like to make the public aware of seven establishments in Columbia/Richland County that has temporarily been placed off-limits to members of the Armed Forces." 

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The document signed by the Fort Jackson Provost Marshall, who's in charge of the military police, says these establishments are off limits. 

Off limits are  'Hookah on the River' and 'Exquisite Events Center', which are both on Broad River Road and 'Tropical Breeze Bar and Grill' on Zimalcrest Drive along with their second location on River Drive.

Credit: Fort Jackson

An apartment complex on Garners Ferry Road is one of the places that is off-limits.  

Unique Edwards lives at that complex, he says he's been there for about six-months. "It makes me realize chances are the community aren't as safe as we would like to believe," said Edwards.

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He says while he's not particularly concerned for his safety, he does take precautions. "The reality is there are different things that go on here, like shooting, different activities that go on. So its not the most conducive for children or even me."

"My son, I walk him to the bus or walk him to the bus, I pick him up. He doesn't go outside to take the trash out, " added Edwards. 

Credit: Fort Jackson