GILBERT, S.C. — Churches around Gilbert joined forces to pray for the town's schools on Saturday as part of an annual push for student and faculty success.

"We're getting together as a group of believers here in Gilbert to pray for our schools," Mark Sanders, Pastor at First Baptist Church of Gilbert, said. "We know there's a lot of issues that our students face and our teachers face, and so we want to make sure that we're able to step in and intercede for them as we lift up those concerns before God."

Geoff Allshouse was among the crowd of about 30 people who gathered near Gilbert Middle School on Saturday. He says he's praying over Gilbert's Primary School for his daughter who attends. 

"We can't let Satan have dominion over anything," Allshouse said. "I put the blood of Jesus over the entire place so that Satan, he can't bring his nonsense there."

Others said recent school shootings were a concern as they prepare to send their children to school. 

"It's definitely everybody's fear," Ashley Isbill said. "Hopefully that's not an issue for anybody this year."

They're hopeful that their prayers will help students have a safe and productive school year.