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Goldilocks and the Three Bears, in sand form

The SC state fair has been hosting a couple from California who creates these sand sculptures for over 20 years.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Goodman building at the South Carolina State Fair attracts tens of thousands each year, and most particularly, they’re known for the sand sculpture.

This year, it’s a familiar fairytale, about porridge, chairs and beds. The display is etched in sand in the Goodman building.

“It's Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears,” said Jeremy Bynes a 6-year-old said.

A new sculpture every year draws thousands, taking out their phones to take a picture or a selfie.

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“Every year it's something a little different. They won't even tell the staff here what they're going to do, we don't know until they finish what their plans are but they're just super,” said Danny Brazell the superintendent of the building.

The creators, a couple, Brandy and Greg, come from California and have been for the last 20 plus years.

They say it takes 75 tons of sand, water, compaction and some ply wood for shaping the sand.

Brazell says this is one of his favorite parts of working the fair.

“They're in demand but they have told us they like being here specifically. We have a good staff and they just enjoy the relationship they have with us,” Brazell said.

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South Carolinians and out of state residents alike just love it.

BJ Strickland from Chapin explains this is one of the better displays she's seen.

“It is amazing. Lots of detail and someone is very talented,” said Strickland, a Chapin resident. 

 “I'm a craftsman at home. I like to work on leather projects and wood, but sand is a whole different medium. There's no glue or anything holding it together. It's all water and sand, so it's cool to see it done like this,” Benjamin Ames a Fort Jackson graduate said.

Fair employees say the sculpture will stay up a few weeks after the fair for other events hosted in the building.




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