(Fairfield County, SC) - Students at Fairfield Central High School took their leadership skills above and beyond at the state's Beta Club Convention.

"We decided, 'Hey, you know what? We're going to do it big. Let's try and do it big' and so we competed," senior Vernon Kennedy said.

And they won big too. Kennedy and his classmates brought home first place in the banner and show choir competitions.

The national organization aims to lead students to become leaders through personal achievement and service.

"They actually came every day, three days a week. They showed up. They were dedicated," art teacher Ciera Cyrus said.

Other instructors commented as well.

"They come up with the concepts. They come up with what they want to do," co-sponsor Shannon Taylor said.

"If I were to see some of these students outside of a high school setting, I wouldn't even be able to tell that they were in high school," choir instructor Thessalonia Graham said.

Student Vernetia Anderson said their Star Trek themed banner is a reminder of what this team of leaders can do.

"It shows how creative we are. We could come together as students and show what we're capable of," she said.

First place prizes weren't their only accomplishment. Sophomore Lamar Richardson was elected state president.

He said this achievement reminded him of one of his first experiences with Beta Club, planting a garden for the elderly.

"To see the people in the nursing home so excited and smiling about the fact of such a small garden, so something so small can bring so much joy to so many people. I can only wonder what bigger things can do. It makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing something," Richardson said.

The achievements continued with fellow sophomore Jamara Green who took home third place for her public speaking skills.

She gave a speech on motivation and determination.

"I talked about how the (Buffalo) Bills went to the Super Bowl four times and lost and they didn't really take it as a loss, they took it as a lesson and they learned from it and they grew from it. And I just wanted to show how people can take their losses and expand upon it and move forward," she said.

And advisor Vanessa Martin said it's clubs like this that have allowed these students to expand and grow.

"Griffins believe, Griffins achieve and Griffins succeed," she said.

The students are planning on going to the national competition in Orlando this June.