Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Have you been to a University of South Carolina men's or women's basketball game this year? Chances are you've noticed the light show during the intro videos.

The app is called 'Gamecock Lights' and it's geared to involve the fans in the atmosphere and the game, as part of the intro.

"Fans think it's spectacular and think it's really cool to actually be part of the show," said Blake Edmunds, the assistant athletic director of marketing.

CUE Audio is the company that puts the light show together.

"They send us back that embedded ultrasonic sound inside the app and we put that in the intro video, and that triggers the actual light show to happen," said Edmunds.

This is how it works: you open the 'Gamecock Lights' app on your iPhone or Android, and the microphone listens for a high-pitch sound, that's similar to a dog whistle. When the intro video starts, the app picks up the sound and synchronizes all the phones to the light show.

"You'll see, for the most part, packed arenas before the game starts. Hopefully we're helping the crowd increase the energy," said Ira Akers, the co-founder and sales VP of CUE Audio.

The University of South Carolina is not the only university to use the light show.

West Virginia, UNC, Purdue and Clemson also have their own pre-game show.

If you have an Android or an iPhone, just head to the App Store to download "Gamecock Lights" for free.