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Americans spending more money on back-to-school shopping this year

Let's connect the dots.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a lot of us to make changes, and that includes how we shop for back to school. 

Let’s connect the dots.

Remote learning, new expenses

On the surface, it would seem like parents would save money this year thanks to so many kids starting school virtually. 

And while that means you probably don’t have to buy a new lunchbox or school uniform, there are some big expenses that come with remote learning, such as everything from laptops and desks. 

According to the National Retail Federation, they are seeing spikes in big ticket items like computers but also lamps, headphones and office furniture.

There is another factor forcing parents to spend more: uncertainty. 

While many schools are giving a virtual option this fall, most educators are hoping to get kids back into the classroom this school year. 

So that means parents need to get supplies for both scenarios— electronics now, new school clothes in a couple months.

For kids back in the classroom, the list of school supplies needed has also expanded. 

Along with those three ringed binders and number two pencils, parents are also asked to get face masks, hand sanitizer and those hard-to-find Lysol wipes. 

And it’s not just parents. 

Teachers are posting wish lists on Amazon and crowd funding sites, looking for help finding PPE and cleaning supplies.