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Ignite! Ideas Contest Underway for $5000

If you have a great business idea, you could possibly win $5000 to get started.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - If you have a great business idea, you could possibly win $5000 to get started.

EngenuitySC is having their annual Ignite! Ideas Contest where anyone can just submit a two minute video explaining their idea for a chance to win startup money.

“Our ideas contest winners run the gamut from philanthropic based efforts, nonprofit based efforts, community and social innovation projects and flat old business ideas that people want to start and form a career out of,” EngenuitySC’s Meghan Hickman explained.

The group is looking for their sixth winner.

“Honestly we’re looking for authentic, energetic folks um who really have a vision and a passion for how to improve this community, just to tell us a little bit more about ways that they think that can happen,” Hickman said.

Shambi Broome won the contest back in 2014.

“When I won, it was really surreal but that gave me the seed money to now take what I had in my brain and now make it a reality,” Broome explained.

She used the $5,000 to start WebGyrlz Code, a web development training program for young girls.

“This combination of teaching a skill that kids are going to need and give them a good base for their future, and then focusing on girls because so many of them just keep quiet when it comes to math and science and technology so really giving them an outlet to be encouraged,” Broome said.

The last chance to enter the contest is on November 4.

For more information, please visit: http://www.engenuitysc.com/ignite/ignite-ideas-contest

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