With all these evacuations going on from the coast, there’s a horse training facility in Irmo who says, if you have any problems with your horses they’re willing to help you out.

JR Felts is normally out on his property training horses or giving riding lessons, but with Hurricane Florence upon us, he’s opening up his space to anyone in need of a safe place for their horses.

"With the boarding that we do, we have out max and we can’t take any more horses, but in situations like this, you move your portable fence around and you do whatever you can to make it work," says JF Felts, owner of JR Horsemanship in Irmo, SC.

If and when he does get too full, chances are he’ll know someone else who can help.

Felts says, "The horse community really works together. And when something like this if going on, we all fall in. People loan horse trailers out, people say, 'What can I do to help you? Do you need extra feed? Because I’ve already bought a bunch.'"

He’s already taken in some horses from Charleston. Their phone numbers are painted on their sides in preparation for a worst-case scenario.

Gracie Haygood is helping out at the location. She just went to Charleston with her dad to pick up two horses that need evacuation.

Gracie says, "They were on the coast, so there was a storm surge. So they [family fiends] were concerned about flooding and she didn't have a trailer yet. So she asked us to come down and get their horses."

JR says the equine community here in the Midlands is fully prepared to keep horses until after the storm starts to settle.

"Some horses have been here since Monday already. And now they're talking the storm might last 'til Monday, and then it might be two, three weeks before they can get back to the coast," says JR.

He says since the floods of 2015, the horse community has gotten tighter and tighter. And everyone is willing to lend a hand.