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Supposed development off Farming Creek road concerns Irmo residents

This concern stems from a sign placed near Salem United Methodist Church five days ago, that was removed by Irmo Police this morning.

IRMO, S.C. — In Irmo, residents are growing frustrated over a sign saying a new development is going to bring hundreds of homes, apartments, and retail space off of Dreher Shoals Road and Farming Creek Road. 

This yellow sign, that's been up for about a week, according to the property owner who placed it there, indicates "400 homes, apartments and commercial retail space."

This has hundreds of homeowners nearby and in town talking. One of those locals, Scott Butler tells News 19 he lives only about a mile down the road from this location. 

"I don't mind people moving here. I know they want to move here to the Carolinas and I know Lake Murray's a beautiful place, but I just wish the town council would understand that and I hope they do and instead of putting in a 500 unit whatever, just think about maybe selling some one acre, two acre lots," Butler said.

A farm owner further down the road explains he's not keen on how a new development would impact his cattle and swine business.

"As you take land away honestly it brings more deer in and it brings more coyotes in, it brings more of the predators back to your property and honestly a predator is bad for a farm, especially if you're running animals. So, as we're running cattle, calves can be taken," said Nathan Allen, owner of Allen Acres Farm.

Another local, Bryan Bouknight says this development would only cause more problems. 

"Our roads can't even handle what we have now. We have enough houses and so many schools, the roads are packed. When you get off the interstate at 101, you've got track stop and go traffic," Bouknight said.

However, News19 looked into this. 

What we found is all this commotion is for nothing. According to the Irmo town administrator, Courtney Dennis, the town has not received any recent zoning permits or plans from a new company to review any kind of development there or around that area.

The only ones that have ever been submitted have come from this property owner himself, but those went no where.

This property owner, Mike Green, says he's disappointed that this land that he owns has been rejected for rezoning for four proposed projects. 

He explains he went through eight months of surveys, sectioning, deeds and recordings, along with thousands of dollars to have his four-acre storage facility proposal voted down.

According to several residents in Irmo, they'll be attending the Irmo town council meeting tonight at 7 p.m. to get clarification. 

According to the Irmo town administrator, Irmo Police took down the sign this morning because there was no permit for it, making it a code violation.

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