Fairfield County (WLTX) - A China-based business announced it will be creating hundred of jobs in Fairfield County in 2019.

Healthcare US Co., Ltd. announced that they're launching a new operations center where the Mack Truck Plant used to be. And for a county that's dealt with plants picking up and leaving, it's welcome news.

Lenora Stroman knows how much the county has been hurting here recently.

"We need jobs here. People have got to continue to live and eat," said Stroman.

Thousands of people lost their jobs after the VC Summer construction shut down and after several businesses have picked up and left like the old Mack Truck plant in Winnsboro.

"This is our town. We were hoping that more would come here then always looking around seeing stuff shut down," explained Stroman.

Terry Vickers with the Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce says things are looking up.

"It couldn't be a better Christmas. Our people will be employed they will have disposable incomes that they haven't had in the past. Especially when you're talking about higher starting wages," said Vickers.

Healthcare US's 250 new jobs are being created for those making memory-foam mattresses inside the facility.

"250 jobs, that is marvelous. Who knows, it could grow. I understand they will be utilizing that entire plant. Our day has arrived," said Vickers.

Stroman says she couldn't be more thankful this Christmas.

"Jesus is the reason for the season. It's all about the gift so I feel like this is a gift coming to them for them being able to get a job here," said Stroman.

The company says they'll begin hiring people and operating the facility early at the beginning of next year.

If you’re wanting to apply for the job, you are asked to email healthcare.us@hkfoam for more information.