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'Mind blowing that he's still standing here:' Man nearly crushed by tree during Valley monsoon

Drew DiMassa was taking a drive when a tree came crashing through his window, nearly impaling him.

PHOENIX — A young man feels fortunate to be alive after a near miss on Monday night. 

Monsoon storms rolled through the Valley Monday, bringing with it much needed rain. 

During the storm, 27-year-old Drew DiMassa decided to make a quick run to Target. 

The strong winds caused a tree to collapse, right into DiMassa's car. The damage broke windows, twisted metal and impaled the passenger seat, but not DiMassa. 

"It happened so fast. I heard the sound," DiMassa said. "Blink of a second, there was a giant tree in my car."

DiMassa said the moment keeps replaying in his head. 

“I keep seeing myself, coming back from blackness and seeing a giant log inches away from my body.” DiMassa said. 

DiMassa was driving down Desert Foothills Parkway in Ahwatukee when everything happened. After the accident, he called his mother. 

“You go into momma bear mode, you don’t even think. You just know your child is hurt and crying and needs help.” Teresa DiMassa said. 

Despite the damage to the car, Drew was fine. A later trip to the doctor's office revealed he had just a deep cut on his finger although his car is totaled. 

"Especially with that big log in the car I was like 'how the hell did he not get impaled,' how is he standing here next to me with a couple of cuts on his hand?" Teresa DiMassa said.

Teresa said her sister, who passed away, must have been watching over her son. 

Drew will need a new car, but his mom is just happy he is safe and by her side..

“You really want to hug your kids tight. Because you realize he could have not been this lucky,” Teresa said. 

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