Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Getting prepared early before a hurricane or major storm hits is key. Many people might find themselves grabbing some last minute items at a hardware or grocery store.

The owner of Cedar Terrace Hardware Jay Mcalister said some items people may need during a storm are generators, gas cans and flashlights. If you need to tie anything down that you have outdoors, Mcalister said the best thing to do is tie the item to a sturdy surface with a heavy rope or cable wires.

"The biggest thing is be ready, be prepared," Mcalister said. "It is easy to go ahead and get prepared in advance and not wait to the last minute."

Meanwhile, some people say they are still ready because of the last storm.

"We still have some things left over from Florence, so we really don't need anything," Beaver Hardy said. "We've gotten some food incase the power goes out, we are pretty well prepared."

If you did not have to go to the hardware store, you may have had to stop by the grocery store for a few extra items just incase.

"Stronger numbers then they normally are on a Wednesday, but it hasn't been anything like the all out rush that we had with Florence," Piggly Wiggle Store Owner Darrell Miller said. "It's been a good strong day, people buying the usual things of water and milk and bread and sodas and chips and that sort of stuff, but just a good strong steady day so far."

Mcalister also said having sand bags on hand is a good idea especially if you live in a low lying area prone to flooding.