KERSHAW, S.C. — Kershaw County Council voted tonight to not allow Sheriff Lee Boan to be in control over the Kershaw County detention center.  The center will continue to be run by the county. 

The sheriff made a request in June to the Kershaw County Council asking to regain control over the detention center. Tuesday night the council voted 6-1 to not grant that request. 

On June 17th, Boan sent a letter to the county council chairman. It formally requested that he regain control of the Kershaw County Detention Center.

 "It's always been in place where the sheriff is over the jails," Boan said.

But once a sheriff gives up control of the jail to the county, the county council then has to vote in order to give it back at the request of a sheriff.

"Three sheriffs ago, in the mid 80's, gave the jail up to the county," Boan said.

Since then, it has been in the county's custody. But Boan said with the retirement of the current jail administrator, Peggy Spivey, it could be an easy transition. 

Sheriff Lee Boan Facebook post
Kershaw County sheriff Lee Boan posted to his Facebook page
Sheriff Lee Boan

Boan posted to Facebook this message, " As I said from the beginning, this was never a fight between your sheriff and your county council. This was a discussion on what is in the best interest of Kershaw County. Council did their research and made their decision. Although I strongly disagree with their decision, I plan to support it 100%. Kershaw County will continue to move forward as a team. Thank you for your continued support."