Lexington, South Carolina (WLTX) -- Lisa Phillips understands better than most people what it takes to survive a diagnosis of breast cancer. Not only is she an oncology nurse at Lexington Medical Center she is also a breast cancer survivor.

More than nine years ago Phillips was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Within a week of her diagnosis she started treatment. It was a treatment regime that included chemotherapy and a bilateral mastectomy.

Because, she knew so much about the disease that tried to take her away from her three young children she prepared herself to stay strong for them and the patients that she cared for daily.

Phillips was able to receive a wig and apparel to help her after her mastectomy at Becky's Place. The Vera Bradley boutique s a specialized store for women who are undergoing cancer treatment or who have completed their treatment. The products and services help women manage the appearance-related side effects of treatments including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Becky's Place offers these items free of charge to any female cancer patient.

Becky's Place is named in loving memory of former hospital volunteer and foundation board member Becky Johnson. She passed away in 1986 after a courageous battle with ovarian cancer. Through the generosity of Becky's daughters, the specialized boutique was created.

If you would like to support the patients who visit the boutique your invited to come and shop as well.

Early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer. Doctors encourage you to perform a monthly self breast exam. Signing up for that monthly reminder is simple and free just click on the WLTX app for the details.