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Parents frustrated over quarantine procedures at Lexington-Richland 5

The school district says they're implementing a new assistance program to help kids in quarantine

CHAPIN, S.C. — The Lexington Richland Five School District say they're implementing a new assistance program to help kids in quarantine. 

The school board says  a team member will check in with students in quarantine three times a week, in addition to their scheduled learning time.

The staff member will be available for an hour on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday every week.

During Dr. Akil Ross's superintendent report he said the district's top priority is stopping the spread of the virus, saying, "Our greatest risks is providing a safe learning environment for all"

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The district says the team member does not replace the teacher as the primary instructor but it is a chance  to receive extra help and ask questions.

Dozens of parents showed up at the Monday August 23rd meeting to voice their opinions and emotions were high.

One mother said, "I feel terrible for these children, I actually pulled my daughter two weeks ago, and I cried for a week, because she's been here for nine years and I had to take that away from here."

Another father said, "If we are willing to send our students unmasked and unvaccinated, this is our risk, ya'll don't get to decide that for us."

Whilst another said, "Masks don't work."

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 Some parents felt the districts quarantine policy is unfair, one father saying "Expectations are for our children to get educated, my son is now home, I have three sons, they're not getting an education."

A mother saying,  "they're all being quarantined, this entire fifth grade class, why can't he go to the doctor and get a negative COVID test and then come back to school."

A district teacher called for hep, saying, "I have 11 out of 120 kids out of the classroom. I spent two hours tonight answering 11 emails about being quarantined or out with COVID, I can't spend two hours every night doing that with those kids."

Lexington Richland Five have not implemented a mask mandate at their schools.