Lexington, SC (WLTX) - A Lexington woman's Facebook post went viral after a bullying incident at a restaurant.

Friday night Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church in Lexington hosted Tim Tebow's Night to Shine. The prom night experience is for people with special needs.

Adrianna McCullar took her brother Reuben to the dance.

McCullar said, "He's (Reuben) pretty awesome. He wears hearing aids so he talks a little different than other people do. He also has a metabolic disorder that caused brain damage when he was a baby."

Reuben is 33 years old. According to his sister, he loves to laugh and loves baseball. He also likes to dance.

"He never misses party. He is always happy to see people, happy to greet them, hold the door open for them. He had a great time. He danced, he really enjoyed himself," said McCullar.

Friday night after the dance, McCullar took Reuben out to eat, but a group of teenage girls made the dinner uncomfortable.

She said, "One of the girls in particular (was bullying), he was turning around and smiling. When other people laugh, he loves to laugh, so he was doing that. The girls just kind of took it upon themselves to laugh and point."

Reuben did not know the girls were picking on him, but McCullar did. That is what prompted her Facebook post early Saturday morning.

She said, "It was more of just me kind of needing to get my feelings out about the situation. If you're a family member of someone with special needs, this has happened to you."

She said the response to her post has been overwhelming in a great way, and she hopes it will change people's perception of people like her brother.

McCullar said, "Adults with special needs are not to be feared. They are not strange. They are just different, but they can be different in a lot of great ways."

She said, "I just really wanted to spark a conversation for families to have." She added she wanted to people to know "that different is not less."

As of Monday evening, the post had nearly 23,000 shares. She said she has gotten messages of support from parents and family members of children and adults with special needs from all over the world including Australia.