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Local EMT crews travel to NYC to help on front lines

Six crew members from Lifeline Ambulance in Lugoff left on Friday to help in New York.

LUGOFF, S.C. — Six crew members from Lifeline Ambulance in Lugoff left South Carolina last weekend to continue serving on the front lines, but in New York. 

"Days all kind of run together when you are here," EMT Angel Johnson said.

Johnson, an EMT with Lifeline Ambulance in Kershaw County along with five other crew members left for New York City to help battle against COVID-19 continues.

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"It's amazing, it's a whole different world here than it is back home," Johnson said. "People are really trying to distance themselves, to wear the PPE, it's amazing the welcome and the gratitude we've gotten since we got here."

Johnson said over the past few days she has been covering whatever shift is needed, shuttling patients from hospitals.

"I am very blessed to be a part of this and I just hope what I can do up here can make someone's day and make them a little better," Johnson said.

The CEO of Lifeline Ambulance, Russ Cobb, said the way this staff answered this call to help makes him extremely proud.

"It shows that humans, whenever we need folks, they step up" Cobb said. "The sacrifice to leave their families, to put their lives at risk for people they don't know, it's a proud moment."

Johnson said it wasn't an easy choice to leave behind her family, but she is thankful to be making a difference.

"It was a tough decision to make, but I felt God was telling me I needed to be here, and I let him lead me and guide me," Johnson said.

Johnson said she will stay as long as they can help out and our needed. She also wants her family to know she loves and misses them. 

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