Columbia, SC (WLTX) - They might have grown up states apart, but brothers Paul Brock and Eddie Wales have come together with a shared passion for food.

"It started this way,” says Brock. “I had always known I was adopted and with the encouragement of my wife at the time and my family, I looked up and found our biological mom."

The two were born one year apart in North Carolina to the same mother, but were both given away for adoption.

"She was young, it was the 60's and she had given both of us up for adoption and I found her and I knew I had another brother,” says Brock. “She was all on board of finding him too."

So Brock eventually called Wales explaining their story. Wales, who grew up with his adoptive family in Spartanburg, never thought that he would find his birth family.

"So I was very thankful that Paul kind of had the curiosity,” says Wales. “You never know what you're going to get when you find your long lost family."

Not only was Wales able to meet his long lost brother and mother, but he was also able to meet three other half-brothers.

"This happened when we were in our 40's too, so nearly half of our life was over when this went down, but it's great,” says Wales.

"The truth is, we have a lot in common, which is kind of cool to see the whole nature nurture thing going on, but one thing we really loved was food,” says Brock.

Brock is a former restaurant owner in Durham, North Carolina, while Wales, is the owner of Motor Supply Co. Bistro in Columbia.

Together they put their culinary skills to good use and started a jerky business.

“Our families started a lot of things together,” says Brock. “Vacations, down at the lake with him or in the mountains, where I've got a place and we were up there one weekend and I was just in the jerky making mood and I made it for everybody.”

Brock’s jerky making skills caught Wales’ eye and taste buds.

"A lot of business probably start this way,” says Wales. “It's like we should sell this, everybody would love this, and a couple beers later, we're in business with Two Brothers Jerky."

Now, six years later, the business has branched out, offering different flavors throughout North and South Carolina.

As their business grows, so does their love for each other.

"When you start a relationship with a sibling as an adult it's quite different, and sometimes you think you miss out on some of those early years, but I think we're making up for it,” says Wales.

"It's the jerky that brings people together."

Two Brothers Jerky can be found at Motor Supply Co. in Columbia, as well as online here.