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Main Street Project coming to Forest Acres

It will primarily affect the commercial districts surrounding Covenant, Bethel Church, Atascedero, and Barnes Mill Roads.

FOREST ACRES, S.C. — The Forest Acres Main Street Project is underway and residents say they are hoping it will change the area for the better.

“I think we’re kind of like a hidden gem, and it’s time everybody know that we’re here. We are all here," said business committee co-chair Marie Youmans.

“My sister and I came over in this neighborhood right when we got out of college and we saw it and at the time it wasn’t as populated for businesses at the time," said Youmans.

The first step for the committee on the project is rebranding the area with a new name in hopes to attract more foot traffic.

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“The people that work in this area, that live in this area, that have businesses in this area, that even live in this area, when you ask them, well what’s this area called? Nobody knows. It’s not had an identity," said executive director Jim Manning.

The public will help decide what the new name will be.

The 'Main Street area" that will primarily be effected are the commercial districts surrounding Covenant, Bethel Church, Atascedero, and Barnes Mill Roads.

“We’ve gotta have people connected. We have to have people that will shop here. We have to have people that have an interest in this being a vital part of the city at large," said Manning.

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Residents say they're excited for the area to see some much needed revamping.

“That’ll be huge for the neighbors I know we would love to be able to walk down the street and have some sidewalks and visit local businesses that’ll be amazing," said business owner Virginia Boland.

Community members expressed interest in seeing more sidewalks through the project.  

“With the revitalization project, it’s not only like I said, it’s bringing more attention to this area, but it’s giving people the opportunity to really see what this area has to offer," said business committee co-chair Don'Fra Miller.

But above all else, they're hoping it will help make the community safer.

“So if this revitalization project increases the safety of the neighborhood, now you’re just not gonna have patrons at your business, but you’re gonna have families walking, and using these sidewalks and everything else that comes with this project," said Miller.

The executive director said there is no set timeline for the finalization of this project.