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Meet Minnesota's newest millionaires

An Elk River man claims a $21.6 million Lotto America jackpot
Credit: Minnesota State Lottery
Jeffery and Vickie Love claim a $21.6 million dollar jackpot at Minnesota State Lottery headquarters on Friday, July 12, 2019.

ROSEVILLE, Minn. — An Elk River man didn't realize he was a multi-millionaire until he checked the glove box of his car on Friday morning. That's where Jeffery Love discovered the winning ticket for Wednesday's $21.6 million Lotto America drawing.

Love came forward to claim the jackpot at Minnesota Lottery headquarters on Friday alongside his wife, Vickie.

Love told lottery officials that he scanned his ticket at a retailer and was instructed to call the lottery office. After comparing the winning numbers to his ticket, he called his wife to say, "We have a situation." 

According to a Minnesota State Lottery press release, Love initially called into work to say he'd "be a little late." But after confirming his win a short time later, he called back to say he wouldn't be coming in at all. His wife also told her employer she would need the day off, but only after confirming the winning numbers "eight or ten times."

"I drive by the lottery office every day on my way to work and always say, 'One day, one day,'" Love told lottery officials.

A Holiday store in Ramsey will receive $10,000 for selling the winning ticket. The same store previously sold a $1 million Minnesota Millionaire Raffle ticket and two $50,000 scratch-off tickets.

Minnesota has had two jackpot winners since the multi-state Lotto America drawing began in November 2017. The last winner was the Kujava family of Badger, Minn., who won a $22.8 million jackpot in March 2018.