Springdale, SC (WLTX) — Police say a self-described "Messenger of Meth" caused quite a stir -- and quite a traffic jam -- in the Springdale area last week.

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Lexington County Detention Center

Springdale police, who say they've received a lot of questions about a traffic jam on Platt Springs Road last Thursday, detailed the series of events on their Facebook page Tuesday night.

Officers say it all started with a multi-car wreck on Platt Springs Road, just past Rainbow Drive, around 5 p.m. on Thursday. One person suffered non-life threatening injuries in the accident, police say.

As drivers made their way around the accident, a "man with a message" in a minivan hit two other vehicles who had not been involved in the original accident, according to police. The man then fled on Platt Springs Road, where he lost a tire just before Wattling Road.

Police say losing that didn't stop the 'messenger man,' who kept on driving down Platt Springs Road, minus one tire. He then veered right off the road in front of the S.C. Army National Guard armory, taking one of their signs with him, according to police.

Police say his vehicle stopped after running into a parked truck, but he wasn't done just yet. He ran.

Springdale Police Department

As he attempted to jump the armory, police say he realized MPs "were coming at him like a group of alligators after someone entered their den." In his frenzy, police say he broke the fence and soldiers then detained him until they could arrive.

The "messenger man," who was found to have a dagger in his pocket, struggled with officers, according to officials. As soldiers assisted police in detaining the man, police say the man broke out in song. The man went on to call officers evil spirits and declared himself the “Messenger of Meth,” according to police.

Springdale police say he was eventually arrested and taken to jail, where he can share a new message: Meth leads to jail.

Marion Samuel Corba, 31, is charged with hit-and-run attended vehicle, hit-and-run unattended vehicle, resisting arrest, possession of an unlawful weapon and malicious injury to property. Additional charges are likely, according to investigators.