Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Activists from the Midlands are headed to Charlotte to promote peace.

“Although it's anger, it's still energy. You need to give them a target something to focus on,” Kimani Davis, leader of community organization YNOTU2 explained.

Davis says he understands the anger over a police officer shooting and killing Keith Scott in Charlotte Tuesday. He is going to Charlotte to speak with those who are rioting and destroying their city.

“I believe we need to come together as community leaders and find a target something to focus on,” Davis said.

He's calling on leaders to step up and to get folks involved on another level like getting legislation for body cameras and for the public to have access to the footage.

“Us getting involved into our political system by us starting to vote in local elections, in our school board elections, in our city council, county council, in all the local elections because that's where change really is impacted,” National Action Network activist Tiffany James agreed.

James said she will be in communication with protesters and the victim’s families in Charlotte to see how she can help and when she would need to go to the Queen City.

Both James and Davis say violence is not the answer.

“So why wait until it reaches you to do something about it, why not voice your opinion and make a change now before it ever reaches you because even though it's not a family member of yours, you're still impacted by the end result,” Davis said.

Davis says his organization intends to have more law enforcement and community sessions when he returns from Charlotte.

Governor Nikki Haley says she has been speaking with North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and has offered our state's assistance if needed.