Kershaw County, SC (WLTX) – Public disapproval stopped Kershaw county leaders from passing a trash ordinance to prevent debris in front yards.

The controversy still continues.

Jimmy Crissman said he does not want anyone telling him what he can or cannot have on his property.

“Number one it was unconstitutional and it gave authorities too broad overreach to come on your property,” Crissman explained. "Government has no business regulating what we have on our property.”

The ordinance called for banning rubbish, trash, debris and junk from people's yards that was a nuisance or a health hazard.

If there was a complaint, a code enforcement officer would inspect the property and tell the resident to remove the items within 20 days or possibly face a fine.

The ordinance was up for third reading Tuesday night but after more than a dozen residents speaking out against it, the proposal did not pass.

Kershaw County resident Jimmie Purrier wants the ordinance.

“I understand their point but I understand as a homeowner I don't want my value to go down because I put a lot of sweat and tears in this because you're too lazy to clean up your front yard,” Purrier said.

Crissman said he takes pride in his stuff and will keep fighting trash ordinances.

“If it's up again we will fight this tooth and nail,” Crissman said.

County Councilman Al Bozard says he's been getting a lot of complaints about trash. He is concerned that it could stop businesses and new homeowners from moving into the county.

He says he will try to get the ordinance passed again within the next six months. The new ordinance will be more detailed and will specify the ordinance only applies to residences and not businesses or farmland.