Saluda County, SC (WLTX) - Deputies say a 16-year old girl from Kentucky was found in Saluda County Tuesday.

According to investigators, they went to a home where the teen's family believed she was being held. They found 24-year old Florencio Gomez Saiche. They say the man told them no one else was home, but heard someone moving around in another room.

In a security sweep, deputies found the teen and took her to safety. Investigators say the teen was taken on or around December 7, 2017 from Kentucky. They say she's been confined to a bedroom until she was able to make contact with family through social media.

Saluda County Sheriff John Perry says he used intimidation tactics to keep her in the home. He says she is undocumented.

"It doesn't matter the status of a victim," says Sheriff Perry. "If you're a victim of a crime, it doesn't matter the status. Report it so something can be done about it."

Her family originally did not report her missing, because they didn't believe anything was wrong. Saiche does know the victim's family. It wasn't until the social media post that they knew anything was wrong.

Sheriff Perry says the girl has been reunited with her family in Kentucky.

Bond has been denied for Saiche, who is charged with kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct first degree.

SLED and SCDPS Immigration Enforcement Unit are assisting due to a language barrier.