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Mission Lexington closed due to COVID-19, plans to reopen next week

After an employee tested positive for the coronavirus, the crisis ministry closed. They have since tested all employees and disinfected the building.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Mission Lexington, a crisis ministry, is closed due to the coronavirus.

The crisis ministry has been serving the community since 1978. According to their website, Mission Lexington helps meets 30,000 needs in the community each year.

On Wednesday, Mission Lexington discovered an employee had tested positive for the coronavirus.

"We could trace back the days and knew how long they had been exposed, which was helpful because then we could figure out when we needed to go get tested," said Robin Bowers, the Executive Director of the crisis ministry.

Bowers says that everyone has tested negative for the virus except for one person. The individual is not someone who gets in contact with clients.

The employee will have to test negative before they come back to work.

The building has also been disinfected.

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"We think this Tuesday is going to be a good opening day for us that will give everybody that incubation time of seven plus days from when we closed and when we were exposed and all of that," explained Bowers.

If people are in need of social services at this time, Mission Lexington says people can go to the United Way's 211. They can help people find food, shelter and other things.

"We do not like being closed. This is only our second time in almost a year... that we've had to be closed really about three or four days each time," explained Bowers. "The rest of the time we've been blessed with health and just been able to stay open. When we have to do this, we know it is inconvenient for everybody. It's not fun for anybody. It's out of our routine. We're here to help folks."

"Everybody knows, I think, that we're trying to be sensible and safe and we come in contact with so many folks, especially the elderly when they come get their food and come for our social services. We just don't want to take any chances for anybody."

Once Mission Lexington reopens, the donation center and food pantry will be open Monday through Friday from 9 am until 1 pm. The store is open Monday through Saturday from 9 am until 1 pm. Social services will be open Monday through Thursday from 9 am until 1 pm.

Mission Lexington would like to thank people for their support and prayers.

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