Kershaw County, SC (WLTX) - There's not a day that goes by where Joshua Peake passes Pine Grove Road and memories of his dad don't cross his mind.

"My dad was 56. He was an all around great person," Peake said. "January 11, 2013. He was on his way to work. It was a warmer January morning, so he decided he would drive his motorcycle to work."

According to the traffic report, a man in another vehicle was driving under the influence and passing by at the same time.

"Whenever he was pulling into his driveway he crossed in front of my dad, so my dad didn't have an option but to lay his bike down, so he laid his bike down and on impact it killed him," he said.

Since Dewitt Peake's death, the South Carolina Highway Patrol said motorcycle fatalities have increased. Last year there were 137 motorcycle deaths compared to 88 in 2014. That's an increase of over 50 percent.

"It's really hard to put a finger on one particular reason why. It could have been been colder. It could have rained more," Seargent Bob Beres said.

Beres is with the South Carolina Highway Patrol and said the department can't find a clear cause, but constant and consistent education can help.

"You have to know your distances between the vehicle in front of you. Give a little bit more stopping distance. You have to know that the vehicle might not see you. We recommend that you get some kind of training. Go to your local technical colleges. Take the motorcycle safety course," Beres said. "Look twice before you pull out. Before you pull out of an intersection, before you switch lanes."

And before another loved one is lost.

"Anytime we drive by it, it's kind of like a kick in the gut," Peake said.

Friday marks the start of Bike Week in Myrtle Beach.