Columbia, SC (WLTX) - One organizations is using music to help kids create rock bands and everlasting friendships.

Music has a way of helping us discover who we are.

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Colin Curcio and Zion Campbell are 14, Haylea Lloid is 12, and Beckham O’Neill is just 10-years-old. They found each other pursuing their passion.

"You really get into the song and you feel the momentum pushing. It's a lot of fun. You look forward to seeing the people and when you like the people that you're playing with, it makes playing the music fun," explained Colin, the group’s drummer.

These kids all have different backgrounds when and why they started playing music.

"My dad self-taught himself guitar. I started out with an acoustic," said Beckham.

"I obviously like singing and playing guitar. I just kind of like to do a lot of artsy things," explained Haylea.


Zion got started in music playing the drums and has quickly become an expert at guitar. There were a couple of legends that inspired him to play.

"Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr., and Eric Clapton," said Zion.

Inspired by the greats, these friends became family through a youth program called Freeway Music. The organization helps them learn how to play and pair kids into their own rock bands.

"It's all about drilling and having a regimented practice schedule because if you're not doing something, you're losing skill," said Colin.

That's required for these young musicians so they can perform songs even some musicians can't play.


The bond they all share leaves far outside of this room in Forest Acres. They perform across the Midlands at festivals, restaurants, and many venues.

The kids says performing has really helped them grow as musicians.

"On my first couple of performances, I was extremely nervous and I've gotten more comfortable with it," said Haylea.

While finding the right beat, Colin found the right friends. Even one like Zion who feels like a brother.

"Just moved here when I started playing with these guys. I moved here from Gainesville, Florida,” said Colin. “Your playing is just so much fun and we have very similar stylistic interest."

From playing music to playing video games, you can always find them together.

"He's always been a friendly person since I met him. Us being friends have helped us a lot in here. He knows everything I'm about to do. Like when I'm about to stop, start playing. He just knows exactly when I'm about to hit certain notes and everything," said Zion.

All together, they've found the right rhythm in life.

"If Freeway wasn't here, I probably would have quit guitar," said Beckham.

"I love it, I love meeting new people and see what walks of life they come from and the different things that they're interested in. If I got to talk to someone new, it's always fun," said Colin.

If you would like more information on Freeway Music, click here.