Columbia, SC (WLTX) - In the hours after the 2015 flood, South Carolina Army National Guard pilots and crews rescued dozens of people from their flooded homes.

“Hard to believe, time is really flown and so many other things have happened,” Major General Bob Livingston said of the flood two years ago.

The Guard saved 28 by helicopter alone.

“True rescues where we would be reading a different story had they not been rescued,” he said.

“The other story I remember is the breach of the Columbia Canal,” Livingston explained. “It just shows the raw power of nature and the raw power of water,”

He said it was a great team effort by first responders and locals.

“When bad things happen we want to be there to take care of people,” Livingston said.
In addition to the 28 people, the National Guard saved another 200 by boat and high water vehicle transport.

“We’d like to take at least one year without South Carolina getting hit with something bad,” Livingston smiled.