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Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets: Items Remain Unclaimed at Lexington Coroner's Office

The Lexington County Coroner's Office is trying to give remaining items they have back to 34 families.

Lexington County, SC (WLTX) -- For everyone who has lost a loved one, having something to remind you of that person can help ease the pain.

Now the Lexington County Coroner's Office is trying to give remaining items they have, back to 34 families.

"You know they may have been a gift to somebody or passed down, it's not up to us to put a value on anything," said Chief Deputy Coroner Candace Berry.

Necklaces, rings and bracelets are just a few items that remain unclaimed at the Lexington County Corners Office.

"We want to do everything we can to let people know what we have so they can come and claim those items," Berry said.

It is a priority to get these items in the hands of loved ones of those deceased individuals.

"They must of meant a lot to that person and we're sure they would mean a lot to the families of those people," she said.

There is a list of 34 people the coroner has personal property of, some deaths dating back to 2005. In some incidents they were not able to find a family member, but they are continuing that search now.

"We hope that there is somebody out there for each person on the list and we're able to return everything, but to know we've been able to do that much, it really means a lot," she said.

The coroner's office has no time limit on how long they will hold these items until they find a family member or the legal next of kin to retrieve them.

"It may be something as small as a pair of earrings, but we hold onto those things and we want to be able to return those things because those earrings may have a story," she said.

So far, four of the 34 people have had someone pick up belongings.

Here is a list of deceased individuals, including dates of birth and death, that the Lexington County Coroner/'s Office has personal effects/property that they would like to return to families.

Decedent Date of Birth Date of Death

Cathy A. Wise 05-10-1968 10-03-2005

Steven J. Myers 03-04-1962 09-08-2006

Margie Y. Robins 01-16-1952 05-01-2007

Crisoforo S. Martinez 04-25-1974 08-05-2007

Kimberly Adkins 08-27-1963 06-28-2008

David M. Holder 12-30-1982 07-17-2008

Anthony Graham 09-10-1977 12-19-2008

Raymond L. Cortes 12-11-1942 03-04-2009

Loretta Frazier 03-26-1949 05-22-2009

Jacqueline P. Ginyard 07-07-1971 07-15-2009

Dana G. Booth 10-25-1965 10-23-2009

Michael A. Brown 12-04-1978 11-15-2009

John S. Hupp 01-20-1959 11-24-2009

Garnell Bibbs 07-23-1951 12-18-2009

Don S. Powell 09-21-1955 01-05-2010

Marie S. Curry 08-21-1957 01-09-2010

Vesta Baughman 05-16-1943 02-14-2010

Frank B. Gibbs 01-26-1957 04-06-2010

Stacy T. Davis 08-15-1967 10-01-2010

Lewis Pryor 01-02-1946 03-08-2011

Daniel L. Stokes 01-06-1963 03-18-2011

Trisha D. Upshaw 11-09-1971 05-12-2011

Lila R. Cook 07-31-1954 09-01-2011

Randy L. Pearson 12-15-1956 01-31-2012

Aniya Jones 03-30-2007 05-05-2012

Ronald R. Peters 09-03-1973 05-21-2012

Thomas M. Nuckles 08-22-1936 06-09-2012

Vernon A. Puckett 05-12-1947 08-24-2012

James J. Weissman 07-12-1952 02-01-2013

David C. Lawhorn 11-07-1946 02-14-2013

Paula D. Justice 01-04-1970 04-11-2013

Theodore C. Linder 09-11-1947 06-19-2014

Kenneth Clark 11-12-1952 10-02-2014

Melva J. Baehne 02-12-1932 01-03-2015

Please note:

If you are the legal next of kin of a deceased person or have any information that may help us locate the next of kin, please call or visit our office between the hours of 10:00AM and 3:00PM; property may not be picked up outside of these hours due to the schedule of the Property/Evidence Custodian.

If our office deems that you are the legal next of kin of a deceased person, you will need photo identification in order to pick up any personal effects/property of your loved one.

We will not give out any information over the phone or in person as to what the property is unless you have been deemed the legal next of kin.

Our office will not mail personal effects/property. All items must be picked up in person with photo identification.

We will not respond to messages posted to our Facebook page regarding personal property. We have been successful in returning many personal effects to families and loved ones recently. By releasing this list, it is our wish to reunite a loved one with what may be a treasured reminder of a special time, a shared occasion, or perhaps a gift of love to a parent or child.