Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Absentee voters in Richland County now have another way to cast their ballot.

A new drop box was just installed, and it lets you drop off your ballot at anytime.

Election Day is less than two weeks away, and voters who can't get to the polls during the primaries June 12 are voting absentee.

Now, instead of mailing back your ballot in early voting, you have another option.

Sitting outside Richland County's Voter Registration Office is the absentee ballot drop box. It's a joint project with Richland One Schools.

"The students designed the box. They built it. They used a 3D printer to come up with the shape. The design, they cut it, they welded it, they fabricated everything," said Rokey Suleman II, Director of Elections for Richland County.

Before the drop box, voters would have to pay the postage to send the ballot through the mail or deliver it in person during office hours.

"If they wanna save the postage and they're driving on their errands on an evening or on a Saturday when they're downtown, they can just drop it off in our box," said Suleman. "It's just another access, easy access for the voters on Election Day."

The drop box is open 24/7. It's under video surveillance and secured to the ground.

Voters who are 65 and older, who will be on vacation, or who can't go to the polls because of job obligations are all qualified to vote absentee.

The drop box will be out through June 12.

For the fall's general election, we could see more ballot drop boxes around the county. Officials are still determining if that will be achievable with security provided at each drop box site.

To learn how you can get your application for an absentee ballot, click here.

For your vote to count, you must return your ballots to the elections office by 7 p.m. on Election Day.