Camden, SC (WLTX) - On Tuesday afternoon more than 100 people gathered at the Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands Jackson Teen Center in Camden for the grand opening of their new "Dream Court."

This opening that was made possible in part by community donors, the WorldVenture Foundation and Basketball Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman.

"It's our gift to this community, to this school," says Lieberman.

Her basketball legacy is long, starting back in 1976, making history as the youngest Olympic basketball player in the Montreal Olympics, playing in the WNBA, and now as one of two women to coach in the NBA.

Lieberman knows how important sports are to young people's lives and that's why she used her charity to help make this court a reality.

"I was a poor kid with no father, growing up in New York, but I knew that when I could go out on the basketball court, it didn't matter, that people embraced me," says Lieberman. "These kids need this, they need a chance to break away from the craziness that's out there."

This is the 29th "Dream Court" that has been built through Nancy Lieberman Charities and the WorldVentures Foundation.

Teen center director Brian Mayes says it took three months for the more $80,000 project to be completed.

"Two weeks ago they were shooting on 12-foot goals and the carpet," says Mayes. "I'm just so excited about the dreams of some of these kids, first generation college students, being able to come true."

Rising basketball stars, like Camden High's Donovan Belton and ZyAja Cook, were shocked when they first saw the court, but plan on coming out here every day.

"It's just crazy because you never think that they could make this out of nothing, so it was very shocking," says Belton.

"I'm definitely going to work on my skills especially ball handling," says Cook. "I'm going to do the best that I can and I think you know when the boys play, I'll play with them. That's the only way to get better, is play with people who are better than you."

Lieberman hopes that these teens will be able to grow on and off the court, just like she did.

"In life there are givers and there are takers. I hope I'm remembered as a giver."